Man Buys Turtles and sets them free

Man Buys Turtles From The Food Market And Sets Them Free In The Ocean

Although it might come as a surprise to most people who read this, it is possible to buy live sea turtles for food in some areas of the world. Perhaps it also surprised Arron Culling and Mark, his co-worker, when they were in Papua New Guinea at a local market and saw two sea turtles. 

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Most sea turtles are classified as endangered or vulnerable but it is still legal to fish for marine turtles in areas, such as Mexico, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Turtles are harvested for their meat and shells in those countries. When Aaron and Mark realized the turtles were going to be bought for food, they paid $50 to buy them, drove them to a safe area and set them free in the ocean. They have done this a number of times, rescuing 10 turtles so far and giving them another chance to be free.

More information about protecting sea turtles can be seen on the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s website.

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