Despite progress, tropical forests are still in trouble

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A Respite From Record Losses, but Tropical Forests Are Still in Trouble. Read more..

Indonesian forest rangers patrolling the Leuser ecosystem near Suaq Balimbing, Aceh. Like much of Indonesia’s rainforests, it is threatened by the expansion of plantations for palm oil and pulp and paper.CreditCreditChaideer Mahyuddin/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Africa’s disappearing forests

“…new research, showing that deforestation in Africa is increasing at an unprecedented rate, suggests the continent needs plenty more Alfred Brownells if it is to have a hope of protecting its trees — and, ultimately, the planet itself…”

This week, Liberian activist Alfred Brownell won the prestigiousGoldman Environmental prize for his efforts to protect Liberia’s rainforest from the depredations of a multinational palm oil producer.

2018 State of the world’s forests

As governments determine how best to commit national efforts to achieve transformational change, The State of the World’s Forests 2018 (SOFO 2018) analyses the role that forests and trees – and the people who use and manage them – can play in helping countries achieve their objectives and bring about a brighter future. Read more..