Rarely seen jellyfish spotted at 4000ft below the sea

Found in the far depths of the Eastern Pacific ocean, this rarely-seen jellyfish was first recorded in 1909

Dinner plate sized tarantula feasts on a possum

A tarantula the size of a dinner plate preys upon an possum in this first-of-its-kind observation

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A lion in captivity being taunted with a live goat. 🦁

A live goat being tortured to tease a lion who wants to eat him. 🐐

This is horrific, heartbreaking, and never how animals should be treated. 💔 #EmptyTheCages https://t.co/n6LYhNCj8N

Another really good reason to Visit South Africa: Secrets of Bontebok National Park that Will Have You Visiting Tomorrow

https://t.co/tGrJewYdOq https://t.co/SkEqQe5xII
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Malima was found alone and in a state of collapse during the height of a drought. A rescue team from #SheldrickTrust provided immediate veterinary care & IV drips which saved her life. Watch what happened next… #SavingLives https://t.co/lYhLZ2NM1j

“Microplastic is in the air, and it's not unlikely that we also inhale some of it” https://t.co/hRHFwoTgMo

Find me a friend like this.. https://t.co/KjRkxnRKJn
Christo @ChristoThurston
We all need friends who are there in our most difficult times https://t.co/Yig9dHnjLo

This lizard breathing under water is completely mesmerizing 😱🦎 https://t.co/xktWGMmlLJ

The real cost of your tiger selfie 🐯 🤳💔

Look how short the chains around their neck are 💔
#WildlifeNotSelfies https://t.co/UUGu5tLLGY

Birds migration track using GPS 🐦🦃🕊️🦅🦆🦉🦜😊💗 https://t.co/UciWqs2YDw

Makes me want to take up diving.. https://t.co/Dug8XUOWYS
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Fantastic connection between the diver and the octopus. https://t.co/l2lP8SF0B4