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Did you know there are NINE #different varieties of Zebra in #Africa?

#Namibia are investigating the mysterious death of 86 #dolphins...
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A Beluga #whale has been captured fetching a rugby ball and returning to it a boat of South African #rugby fans near the Arctic pole.
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Post-death, baby marsupials can survive ... #baby #mother

#Chinese sellers are stuffing sea-animals like turtle and fish inside tiny plastic bags..
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Animals grieve the loss of their family and friends. Stop looking at them as emotionless products. 💔

They are so much like you and me.

This where meat comes from. Abuse and neglect like this is standard practice, worldwide. Does treating animals like this sit well with you?

Namibia: 86 dusky dolphins, including two calves just days old, had been found dead on a remote beach & it had launched an investigation. 😔💔

@Protect_Wldlife @_AnimalAdvocate @RobRobbEdwards @Seasaver @Ivy_MiddletonUK @animal_leaks

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An apple snail lays eggs. At the time of spawning, snails spawn on the leaves of plant near the surface of the water. The female spawns at night, laying about 300-600 eggs in the form of a bunch. Freshly born snails eat the same food as their parents, only in smaller amounts.

HUGE: France has just outlawed the brutal shredding of live male chicks! 👏👏👏

Male chicks are “useless,” so they’re killed in terrible ways. This will now change in France for tens of millions of them. 🇫🇷

Let’s see the rest of the world follow suit! 🙏

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A haunting photo of a young girl looking at the burnt body of a dead #kangaroo at a scorched property in Mallacoota, Victoria.

#AustralianFires #AustraliaBurning #AustraliaBushFires

Image: David Caird
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This rescue opossum’s mom cooks him mini portions of whatever she’s eating 💗

Think you’re having a rough day headed #backtowork?

These small ducks had to survive multiple passes from this bald eagle 🦅 in Lakewood.

Bald eagles are opportunistic hunters - often watching from a high perch, then swooping down to catch prey with with their talons.