Earth’s Magnetic North Pole

The implications of Magnetic Pole Activity

The Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Has Officially Moved

The Earth’s magnetic North Pole has drifted so fast that authorities have had to officially redefine the location of the magnetic North Pole. Read more..

What are the Implications for Climate of Recent North Magnetic Pole Activity?

Scientists warn Earth’s magnetic North Pole has begun moving ‘erratically’ at speeds so fast they are having to issue an emergency update to maps used by electronic navigation systems. Read more..

Africa’s rich resources

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Africa’s rich resources

Oil and gas

Africa is home to five of the world’s top oil-producing countries, with an estimated 57 percent of Africa’s export earnings from hydrocarbons. Read more…

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of The Democratic Republic Of The Congo?

The DRC has rich and varied natural resources.

DRC natural resources

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is an African nation that is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries regarding natural resources. Despite the presence of vast quantities of natural resources, Congo remains one of the poorest nations on earth.  Read more..

Amsterdam white swans made a nest of garbage

Amsterdam white swans made a nest of garbage in an Amsterdam canal

Swans feeding Koi carp

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20 Facts about Ocean pollution

The ocean remains one of the most expansive, mysterious and diverse places on Earth. Unfortunately, it is being threatened by pollution from people on land and from natural causes. Marine life is dying, and as a result the whole oceanic ecosystem is threatened simply by various sources of pollution.

Despite progress, tropical forests are still in trouble

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A Respite From Record Losses, but Tropical Forests Are Still in Trouble. Read more..

Indonesian forest rangers patrolling the Leuser ecosystem near Suaq Balimbing, Aceh. Like much of Indonesia’s rainforests, it is threatened by the expansion of plantations for palm oil and pulp and paper.CreditCreditChaideer Mahyuddin/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Africa’s disappearing forests

“…new research, showing that deforestation in Africa is increasing at an unprecedented rate, suggests the continent needs plenty more Alfred Brownells if it is to have a hope of protecting its trees — and, ultimately, the planet itself…”

This week, Liberian activist Alfred Brownell won the prestigiousGoldman Environmental prize for his efforts to protect Liberia’s rainforest from the depredations of a multinational palm oil producer.

2018 State of the world’s forests

As governments determine how best to commit national efforts to achieve transformational change, The State of the World’s Forests 2018 (SOFO 2018) analyses the role that forests and trees – and the people who use and manage them – can play in helping countries achieve their objectives and bring about a brighter future. Read more..

Animals nocturnal escape, ghost nets, billionaire planet rescue

Animals Are Becoming Nocturnal To Avoid Interacting With Humans

Crew collects 40 tons of ‘ghost nets’ floating in Pacific

Billionaire Intends To Buy 15% Of The Planet To Protect It.


The state of Europe’s forests

Sleepy bees 66 million trees season free

Sleepy bees… “There Are Bees That Sleep In Flowers And It’s As Cute As It Sounds”


India plants 66 million trees in 12 hours as part of record-breaking environmental campaign


Why sustainable forestation is a good investment

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