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The wings of blue morpho butterflies are iridescent blue — but contain absolutely no blue pigment! The color is achieved by tiny scales on the wings that have ridges, ribs and other structures that play with the physics of light at the nanoscale to reflect only bright blues.

We're passionately against #trophyhunting. Our team do everything possible to stop the pointless slaughter of wild animals. If you agree, please share your view for a parliamentary debate on this Facebook post: #KeepWildlifeintheWild @HouseofCommons ecoworkshops photo

This is the most beautiful corn. It is a Native American variety called 'Glass Gem Corn' and yes it really does grow like that. ecoworkshops photo

Green turtles are named after their green-colored fat, which they get from their herbivorous diet of seagrass and algae. 🐢

Why did penguins lose the ability to fly? Likely because being a strong swimmer gave them a better chance at survival. As their wings evolved for stronger swimming, they became worse for flying. Good flippers ≠ good wings. #HostilePlanet

The next Over-50s Cricket World Cup tournament is set to take place in Cape Town from the 9 – 25 March 2020. Read more on our blog. #TheBoucherLegacy #Cricket #SouthAfrica #CapeTown #Rhinos

Driving is made simple in the Nissan X-Trail. With turn-by-turn directions, caller ID and available safety features… all your info is right before your eyes on the 5 inch colour display.

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