About us

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Eco- workshops Africa is an organisation run by Dr. Helene Donohoe who is a veterinarian who has an interest in conservation and a particular interest in Environmental Education. Dr Donohoe has done post-graduate study in Conservation Medicine through Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

These are workshops designed primarily for adult education, but as they are basic and simple they can be run in senior schools as well. Workshops can be developed for primary schools. Advanced workshops can also be delivered where more advanced conservation principles are discussed.

The workshop covers basic conservation principles and is presented with abundant visual material including videos, slide shows and reading material. The workshop includes a brain storming session during which delegates come up with solutions to the environmental challenges facing their area or particular country, as well as environmental challenges facing the planet as a whole.

The entire focus of the workshop revolves around the theme that each and every person of the planet is responsible for doing something to help repair the state of the planet earth in order to leave behind a planet that is fit for life for future generations. A large part of the workshop is focused on local environmental challenges and the solutions to these challenges, whilst bringing about awareness of the plight of the planet as a whole and how we can all do something to help.

Workshops are suitable for senior school children and can be delivered at the school, or alternatively smaller groups can use the venue.

The workshops make an interesting and exciting addition to team- building workshops  and strategic planning  sessions held by large businesses.